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Goa tour

Goa is one of the best place in India for tourism .Goa attract many foreigners too.because it influence with beauty of Goa beaches and Portugal culture.

                                        There are sandy beaches, warm sunset,beautiful village that make Goa a popular beach tourist destination in India . it is not only a scenic beaches but also the tropic climate of Goa that make one fall it love and create an urge explore more.

Delicious foods- food of Goa is mouth-watering .specially street food is very flavourable even a small  food shops near beachside make a delicious food.

water activity-there have been lots of water activity come off.i was performed water parasailing that was an awesome experience of my life. Jetski,speedboat,bananaride are delightful.

Spice garden-Spice garden is one of the prime spice garden.where our guide thought us varieties of kitchen spices saw us plant of clove,cardamon, turmeric etc.there are lots of varieties spice plant and spice market.where we purchased small red chili besides that there is lots of variation in cashew.i buy one part of cashew.

DudhsagarDudhsagar water fall- Dudhsagar waterfall was a wonderful.It was the largest waterfall in see. It was quiet difficult because of unbalanced black stone are there and very big fishes in water fall at that time i felt scared.

Church of st. Francis of assisi-The church of st.francis of Assisi was built in 1961 by the portuguese.There is a dead body of St.francis there.

Beaches- There are so many beautiful beaches in Goa.The beaches I visited calangute were I perform sports activity and other are arambol,candolum,mandrem etc.In beaches you take oil massage.

It’s was a wonder experience in Goa…place of peace,enjoy life ,eat tasty food.

Mental illness- an issue to take care off

We often hear about so called mental illness”what is it? An reason behind its increasing rate as well as people becoming victim of it?

Let’s go to know what mental illness”so according to American association ” mental illness are the health condition involving changes in emotions, thinking & behaviour .Mental illness cure associated with distress and problem functioning in social, work & family activity.

Mental health- do if 2018, who realeased a report saying India is the most depressed country in the world! Scary isn’t it? According to the report 6.5 % of Indian population suffer from some form of mental issue.

Limited social circle- with increase number of privacy people often don’t get open people or indirect which tends to live a life of a loner.Lonliness is one big issue that leads mental issue.

Unemployment –  people who have a great degree are unable to find a job or they don’t find right opportunities and often feel that they are not deserving.

Home atmosphere- there is fighting in between the relatives and there hone atmosphere is not comfortable according to their want that also cause depression.

Incident- people who are victim of domestic violence or any incident that happen with them in negative effect.

To get rid of such feeling or negative

A) spend a good time of doing what you love.

B) Do consist of continuous breath in and breath out.

C) Do not over think.

Well I will end this blog with positive feeling of you taking care of yourself and most importantly self belif.




I.2 billion people can’t celebrate Diwali because half of Indian never celebrate diwali

Four Wanderers of the World

A life long wish came to fruition this week, when we were able to visit The Taj Mahal.

Stunning, despite the weather. We had another early morning wake up call, 4:30am, so we could see the sunrise over the Taj. Unfortunately that wasn’t on the cards, because of the smog over India. The reason it’s so bad at the moment, is because they had just been celebrating Diwali and for three days there were lights, and fireworks being set off by the majority of the 1.2 billion people in India! It’s also that time of the year when the farmers burn the stubble in the fields, as they don’t have the machinery to plough the land instead. So the combination really effected the pollution rating and knocked it out of the park. We were prepared though, with our new green accessories…..a face mask!

Taj Mahal:

Taj Mahal:

The Taj Mahal…

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Visit to Madikeri

Madikeri is situated in Southern part of India in district of kodagu (Karnataka).It is one of the best hilstation in India people also called it is a Coorg of India. Many tourist visit Madikeri. some special places of Madikeri were I visited and like it very much

1.Coffee Estate- coffee & tea plantation are in madikeri. most of the trees are there are of Tata company.even it covers a large space for is also called a green hub .so many beautiful views are there...

2. Abey fall – Abey fall is one of the best fall in madikeri.where water is floating like shows her beauty itself.

3. Butterfly park-Butterfly park is one of the best park where different colour or different types of butterfly can fly and many different types of animals are also there.

4. Raja’s tomb -Raja’s tomb is one of the best place for site view .it’s very calm place.many sculptures are there.